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Fantasy Strike is a fighting game being developed by David Sirlin, a fighting game enthusiast noted for developing the new balance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

The game's most distinctive element is its extremely simplified controls(keep in mind simple execution =/= lack of skill ceiling), eliminating ducking and all need for joystick motions for special moves the ultimate idea is to try and move the skill floor to the second-lowest in the genre's history behind only Divekick, allowing players of different games to easily join in on this game, and enabling people not good at most fighting games to actually experience the higher-level concepts of the genre without getting lost in the basics.

this site is inspired by and modelled after dustloop cause dustloop is great xD

Developer: Sirlin Games
Publisher: Sirlin games
Genre: 1-on-1 2D Fighting Game

Release Dates:
Worldwide early access (Steam): 15/09/2017
Worldwide Full Release (PS4/Switch/PC) 25/7/2019


Universal Mechanics and Controls

Grave[*] Jaina[*] Rook[*] Onimaru[*] Valerie[*] Gieger[*]
DeGrey[*] Lum[*] Setsuki[*] Midori[*] Argagarg[*] Quince[*]

Click [*] for character's frame data